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Sports Nutrition Thousand Oaks

Sports nutrition is about developing your program of nutrition and physical fitness to fit your body with your sport in order to get your optimum performance, optimum endurance while maintaining your body in optimum condition.

Dr. Greg Celaya, D.C. as a practicing chiropractor for more than 20 years. He is an active amateur sports cyclist and has been donating his time to local high school athletes to keep them on the basketball and volleyball court, in the field for baseball and football, track and field events in the spring and in the local pools year round. Dr. Celaya understands what it takes to build your endurance, build up your body or slim it down for peak performances while maintaining your strength and agility.

As a competing athlete or active sport enthusiast, your body is unique, as is your body’s nutritional requirements. Sports nutrition requires a customized nutrition program to support your physical and mental requirements for competing or just staying active and fit. Too often we read a popular book or view a compelling interview with the “sports nutrition” expert of the day and we conclude I need more protein, fiber or strength training. However, if you are eating the best vitamin supplements the best of boulevard stores have to offer that are top quality, organic, nutritional sound and made from best ingredients possible, you may not be meeting the needs of your body.

When it comes to athletes and their diet and physical program, there is no such thing as one program is good for all. You have a unique metabolic and biochemical makeup. Your individual nutritional needs will vary significantly from one athlete to another, from one sports enthusiast to another. There is no such thing as one diet fits all; no one supplemental vitamin regimen fits all. Know this – taking too many vitamins or the wrong combination of vitamins can be just as bad as taking too many or too few.

Set up a time to talk with Dr. Celaya about your sports nutrition program and let’s talk about your diet, physical regimen and vitamin mineral supplements that you are currently taking. Let’s make sure that your sports nutrition program is moving forward in one direction and that there are no antagonistic relationships between your diet and your supplements. Let us make sure that you have the proper intake of calcium and it is not interfering with your phosphorus and magnesium levels. Let’s make sure your zinc level is in sync with your copper, iron, sodium and potassium levels. Let us check out our Vitamin B levels, Vitamin D and make sure we have a properly balanced food program to go with our supplement program.

Call Dr. Celaya today and make sure your on track to optimize your winning ways.