When I first met with Dr. Celaya I was a mess. My chief complaint was cystic acne. I was 45 years old and had been suffering with cystic acne for several years. I tried various over the counter products and antibiotics prescribed by both a general practitioner and a dermatologist. Nothing helped. Dr. Celaya completed an extensive evaluation through a detailed questionnaire and blood tests. I started with a 10 day detox then we worked on my diet and added the supplements that my body needed. I learned to me make better choices in the products that I brought into my home and the food I put into my body. I also I learned that I have a homozygous MTHFR gene mutation and what it means for me and my overall health. A year later, my skin has significantly improved, I have lost and kept off about 10 pounds and I feel much better. I will continue to work with Dr. Celaya in regulating my hormones and monitoring my health.


I saw Dr. Celaya for thyroid issues. I had a doctor that only ran simple labs and told me that I was fine. After years of being fed up, I found Dr. Celaya. He ran labs that my primary doctor didn’t and found that I was not converting my thyroid hormone. Thanks to him, I now feel great.


I met Dr. Celaya and he was telling me about how doctors are using 1970’s technology when it cane to cardiovascular disease. I didn’t believe him until he ran tests I have never heard of before. Boy, am I glad he did. He showed me the problems (which there were a lot of) and the science behind the results and solutions. After doing follow-up labs, I can really see a difference. The strange thing was, that I wasn’t feeling bad. But then again, I have a friend that just had a heart attack and said he felt Ok before it. If you haven’t yet, make sure to get checked out.



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