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Using Functional Medicine and science to treat causes instead of symptoms.

Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is personalized health care for you, which understands that you are genetically unique …

Investigative Labs

Are you tired of your labs not showing you what is going on? Dr. Celaya orders the LATEST SCIENTIFIC labs in the world to get to the root of your problems.

Virtual Visits

With today’s technology, we can have visits by  phone or computer. If you want to come to the office, that is OK too.  

All Inclusive

We look at EVERYTHING – exposures, diet, labs, genetics, supplements, toxins, etc. It is important to get to the ROOT cause of your issues.

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“I saw Dr. Celaya for thyroid issues. I had a doctor that only ran simple labs and told me that I was fine. After years of being fed up, I found Dr. Celaya. He ran labs that my primary doctor didn’t and found that I was not converting my thyroid hormone. Thanks to him, I now feel great.” – C.O.

“Dr. Celaya was telling me about how doctors are using 1970’s cardiovascular lab technology. I didn’t believe it. He ran tests s I have never heard of before. He showed me the issues, science,  results, and solutions. After follow-up labs – what a difference. I wasn’t feeling bad, but then again, I have a friend that just had a heart attack and said he felt Ok before also.” – A.C.

I (45 years old) was a mess with cystic acne. Tried everything else including dermatologist antibiotics.  Nothing helped.  Dr. Celaya completed an extensive evaluation and blood tests.  I  learned that I have a homozygous MTHFR gene mutation.  A year later, my skin has significantly improved and have lost 10 pounds. I feel much better.

Dr. Celaya’s Online Store

Check out Dr. Celaya’s online store where you can access high-quality supplements and products. Every product contains the highest quality ingredients to ensure purity and effectiveness.


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