Do you have chemical sensitivities? Tips for improving

Do perfumes or heavy fragrance make you gag or trigger your inflammation or autoimmune symptoms? Do scented products, gasoline fumes, car exhaust, tire stores, new rugs or carpet, or other sources of chemical odors give you headaches, fatigue, and other symptoms? You...

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Antacid and antibiotics raise allergy risk in children

Addressing the root cause of your child’s acid reflux or frequent illnesses instead of a pharmaceutical quick fix could save you both bigger headaches down the road — a large study shows antacid and antibiotic use in early childhood significantly raises the risk of...

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Try new veggies and fruit to boost healthy gut bacteria

Want to improve your mood, health, and brain function? An ample and diverse supply of healthy gut bacteria has been shown to be essential, and that is best obtained through eating lots of different kinds of produce. Try going out of your comfort zone in the produce...

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Green Tea – Miracle or Myth?

  Green tea – miracle or myth? As more and more people are opting for a healthier lifestyle today, beverages like protein shakes and detox drinks are gaining popularity. One of such...

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What is Functional Medicine

  What is functional medicine?... You may have heard the term “functional medicine” and wondered exactly what that means and how is it different than regular medicine? Root causes…...

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Can naps help your health?

  At some point of the day, you will feel your eyes going heavy and your senses somewhat dampened even if it’s still a far cry from bedtime. This usually happens in the middle of the...

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Should you try a Detox Diet?

  The benefits of modern life are undeniable. Who would not accept cold air coming from an air conditioner on a hot day? Could you completely stop using your cell phone for two or...

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