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Dr. Greg Celaya is a committed and dedicated health care practitioner who believes wholeheartedly that if given the right tools, the body itself will become a master healer. His own personal struggle with Grave’s disease catapulted him onto a course of intense research and hours of study in the field of neurotoxicity and brain and cellular fitness.

Have you ever wondered if your body and cells are actually getting what they need to fully function? Can you imagine if you could see very detailed test results that showed exactly what is happening in your body? Many who think they “feel fine” would be surprised to see that all they have to do is tweak their blood chemistry a bit to reach optimal health. Do you wish to lose that nagging 10 or 20 pounds, to be able to think more quickly and clearly, to have energy in the day without relying on caffeine and sugar? Dr. Celaya and his staff are excited to help you alleviate barriers for optimal brain functioning so that your body can be its own healer.