Bacteria Die-Off

If you are dealing with die-off reactions due to a support program. Don’t worry, there’s help.

• Start taking the ginger tea recipe (see below) to aid in reducing the die-off reactions first.
• Stop all the antimicrobial herbs for 1-2 days to give your body time to acclimate and then add each supplement back in one at a time.
• Supplements can be added in one at a time at a half dose on day 1, full dose on day 2.
• If on day 1 there is a negative reaction, on day 2 you can half the dose again (rounding down to the nearest whole number). I.E. 3 caps are round down to 1 cap.
• You should only move to the next supplement in ascending to descending order down the protocol sheet. Once you have achieved the high dose possible without a negative reaction.
• Once the full or highest dose you can handle is reached, the next supplement can be added in following the exact same procedure as the first.
• Taking the herbs with foods can also be tried to lessen the die-off reactions as well. You can gradually work back into taking herbs on an empty stomach as you start to feel better.
• The goal is to take everything at full dose, so as soon as you feel stable, you can gently start to work back up to maximal dose, adding in one capsule per day, if no negative reactions occur.
• Die-off reaction may include fatigue, malaise, achiness, and just not quite feeling like yourself.
• Detox support and extra binders can be given to help improve die-off reactions if the above protocol isn’t helping enough. Charcoal, bentonite clay, diatomaceous earth, and certain plant-based fibers can be helpful. Ask Dr. C about the best option.

Ginger Tea – helps reduce inflammation; helps decrease die-off reaction; die-off digestion; enhances the potency of herbs.

• Juice 4 pieces of ginger each one about the size of your thumb. You can also use a grater and grate the
fresh ginger as well. Fresh ginger is always best.
• You can also use organic ginger juice to concentrate to the same equivalent.
• Combine a quarter cup of ginger juice or tea with 12 ounces of hot water.
• Add 1 tablespoon of wildflower honey, the juice from ¼ of a lime and drop in the rind, and 1/8 teaspoon of
• Honey and cayenne are optional if you have a negative reaction to them.
• Drink 4-6 cups daily.