Blood Lab Test Instructions:

  • Bring the blood test requisition form to the local LabCorp or Quest lab, it will say on your requisition form what lab it is for. The lab requisition form should have been emailed to you already, it is typically attached to the bottom of your invoice that is emailed to you after your consult.
  • Ulta Labs=Quest Lab, Principal Labs=LabCorp.
  • All lab tests must be done fasting unless otherwise instructed or noted on the protocol sheet. No supplements or hormones are to be taken until after the blood draw unless otherwise instructed. First thing in the morning is the best time to complete the blood test especially if you have blood sugar issues.
  • If your blood test is assessing thyroid hormone levels, supplemental thyroid hormone or ThyroMend should be taken after your thyroid test unless Dr. C stated or notated on your protocol otherwise.
  • No food past 8 pm the day before the lab test. It is best to get your blood draw schedule first thing the next morning. Leaving at least 8-12 hours without food.
  • Make sure you drink enough water so you don’t get dehydrated.
  • It is better to schedule your lab appointment ahead of time to avoid a long wait. You can schedule your blood draw online for Principal labs at or Ulta labs at
  • Please bring your lab test requisition form to the lab the day of the draw. This form should have been emailed to you already, it is typically attached at the bottom of your invoice that is sent right after your consult.
  • Feel free and ask the lab while you are there to email you a copy of the results when the lab is completed.


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