Hormone Panel – Month Long – 208


Expanded Premenopause Hormone Profile
Turnaround: 6 – 10 days
17 Estradiol, 2 Testosterone (AM), 17 Progesterone
Ideal for mapping female cycles longer than 24 days or for data collection.

You will receive a test kit in the mail with instructions and a prepaid return mailer. When the results are complete, usually 10-15 days, we will contact you to schedule an appointment. Interpretation by Dr. Celaya.



This profile is clinically indicated for pre- and peri-menopausal women who present health concerns that may be hormonally related. Especially indicated for hormone-related migraine headaches and more complex female hormone problems.

Expanded Premenopause Hormone Profile 17: This profile maps the female cycle by sampling every other day, providing specific indicators for proper hormone therapy.

SUMMARY: This profile evaluates the follicular phase, ovulation-phase, luteal-phase and ovarian output. Additionally, it can detect and identify the following: early ovulation; Estrogen-to-Progesterone imbalance; double ovulation; hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis dysregulation; functional infertility; spontaneous abortions; pregnancy problems; recurring headaches; hot flashes; and possible ovarian cysts.

Interpretation by Dr. Celaya.


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