Thyroid Dosing Guide

Follow the below protocol if the GTA Forte – 2 support is causing you to feel nauseous or irritable

1. Start with 1 cap in the morning on an empty stomach, 30 min before food optimally.
2. About 5% of the population may experience nausea about 15 minutes after taking their support on an empty stomach. If nausea occurs 15 minutes after taking the GTA Forte – 2, at the next dosage only wait 10-14 minutes before you eat. Eating can help resolve the nauseous feeling.
3. If that doesn’t work, you can take the GTA Forte – 2 with food, instead of on an empty stomach.
4. If taking the GTA Forte – 2 with food still doesn’t work, you can continue at half the dose until you find the right dose that works for you.

Follow the below protocol if you are trying to increase your GTA Forte – 2 support therapeutically.

1. Once you find your correct dose, every week you can add 1 dose spread out evenly throughout the day.
2. If taking 1 cap of GTA Forte – 2 support is tolerated on week 1, you can add 1 cap of the GTA Forte – 2 dose at lunchtime on week 2.
3. As long you aren’t experiencing any hyperthyroid symptoms (heart palpitation, anxiety, excessive sweating, irritability, or poor sleep), you can continue to increase the GTA Forte –  2 gradually until a maximum dose of 3 caps is reached or until Dr. Celaya says otherwise.
4. A dose of 3 caps can be taken as so: 2 caps at breakfast and 1 cap at lunch. If a 4th dose is approved, you can add that dose at lunchtime–so 2 caps at waking and 2 caps at lunch.
5. For some patients, Dr. Celaya will recommend taking thyroid support right before bed as some people who have sleep issues may respond beneficially. Feel free to ask Dr. Celaya if this is right for you.
6. Monitor your thyroid temperatures during the process. If you are having issues, please reach out to Dr. Celaya to schedule a troubleshoot consult.